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Undesirable methods of drain unclogging

Traditional method of sewage cleaning is a mechanical cleaning of pipes using a cable. This method is effective, but can lead to damages of both pipes and plumbing, that is highly undesirable as it leads to significant costs for replacement of sewer system parts - pipes, sinks, toilets, etc. In this case, you also will not be able to control the degree of purification of sewage pipes and thus you can get a new blockage in a short time again.

Another way to clean drain is using a plunger. This method of sewage treatment does not damage the pipes, but it cannot remove the serious clog in sewer pipes. It is impossible to create sufficient pressure to unclog the pipe completely.

Modern industry produces a variety of chemicals to clean the sewer pipes that contain acids and other chemicals that are designed to destroy the blockage as a result of a chemical reaction. But a distinct lack of a chemical sewage system processing is that chemicals corrode pipes along with clogs. And after two or three such cleanings, you will quite likely need to replace the entire sewer system in the house. So cleaning sewage using chemicals is risky and undesirable measure.


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