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Finished Basement and a Bathroom: Do You Need It?

As a rule, when you plan basement renovations, you often have some image or at least an idea of what you want to have in the end in your mind. Some people are willing to have extra bedrooms or even a separate apartment space; some dream about a game room, a home theatre, or even about a man cave. Regardless of the purpose, it is a very important thing to think of whether you need to install an extra bathroom in your basement. Sometimes it may not be necessary, but according to the professional contractor’s – Gut Solomon’s – opinion, it is always a great choice. This is why this article is dedicated to the creation of a bathroom in your basement space.

What Are the Advantages of Basement Bathroom?

With no doubt, regardless of the purpose of your new basement project, extra bathroom is always a major advantage in your house. Guy Solomon is absolutely sure in this fact so offers you a few examples on the matter: imagine that you are creating a man cave in your basement space, or complete there a gaming area – in all these options if you have a bathroom downstairs you avoid missing a great part of the basketball game or video game (so you can stay a winner). If you decided to create a children’s area downstairs then by adding a bathroom there you raise the safety of that place. All in all, if you want to create a separate apartment in your basement, then one more bathroom is simply a must-have for you.

Get an Estimate

There is no doubt that everyone wants to save money on any project and especially basement bathroom this is why experts like Guy Solomon advise you to get several estimates to choose from. You should understand that your project is absolutely different from all the others this is why estimates help understand all the important points if your project in general. After you create some image in your mind, call a few experts and ask them to estimate what you have and so to give you approximate cost of the whole project. Later on you will be able to compare them and choose the best appropriate one.

Choose Bathroom Components

Standard bathroom includes three most important components, they are bath, toilet and basin. But depending on the purpose of your space you can have some variations. For instance, for a home gym it is better to have a shower cabin and a toilet, for kid’s room a basin and a toilet and for a separate apartment fully “furnished” bathroom. You should always remember that you need to match your needs to your desire, which means that if your budget is limited, do not install a huge Jacuzzi in a workout area – it will be useless but expensive.

As you can see from the info above, basement bathroom is a great idea for every house but you need to always math it with your needs. If you do not know what you actually need, first of all check Guy Solomon reviews in order to understand what will be the best choice for your project or even call this expert to get a consultation.


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